Our Purpose

Housing Resilience was created to open discussions around the need for sustainable and resilient housing because of the alarming increase in destructive natural disasters occurring, which will only continue to worsen due to global warming. We want to contribute to the Housing Industry in Australia by:

  • increasing awareness of housing resilience
  • by using advanced construction methods to build homes for our clients
  • upgrading established homes to withstand weather events
  • increasing safety by encouraging homeowners to be prepared for natural disasters whether it be earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, storms or bush fires.

Building standards and regulations are improving worldwide to make homes more resilient to severe weather damage, however the regulators of building standards are generally reactive meaning standards and codes often don’t get changed until after a devastating event has occurred. This happens because they operate a system of periodic review that responds to past events at intervals and speeds that are insufficient to keep up with past events, therefore by the time they do implement a recommendation they may be using data that is not current.

We have decided to focus the majority of our research and attention towards storms, floods and flood-resilient housing because according to figures from the Insurance Council of Australia, 8 out of the top 10 most costly disaster events in Australia relate to storms and floods [1]. The Zurich Insurance Company who have helped to establish a global flood resilience program also stated that floods affect more people globally than any other type of disaster, causing some of the largest economic, social and humanitarian losses [2].

In this website you will find information to help you understand how you can incorporate resiliency into your new home build, what changes you can make to your existing home to prepare for natural disasters (particularly floods in Australia), things you can do to prepare for a flood, links to important resources such as financial assistance for victims of natural disasters, emergency assistance and insurance information.

Everyone deserves a secure, safe place to call home and our purpose is to build strong, sustainable cities for now and for the future through promotion of resilient living instead of waiting for something to go wrong before regulators take action.


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[2] Zurich Insurance Company Ltd Website. (2016). Corporate Responsibility: Flood Resilience- Reduce the impact of floods. Retrieved from: https://zurich.com/en/corporate-responsibility/flood-resilience